Why buy From Singapore Phone Cards

Here’s why people are switching to our phone card service

We will not take your credit if your phone card expires

It is common business practice to remove a customer’s existing balance after a phone card expires but this is something the phone card providers we have selected have never done as a policy.

If your phone card expires, no problem, simply recharge it and we will carry your previous balance onto your recharge total.

No reactivation fees

Some phone card companies will penalise you for letting your card expire by charging you a fee to reactivate it.

We understand that life happens and things get missed. Simply recharge your card as you normally do and you are back in business!

No daily service fee charges

In a consumer study conducted by accan.org.au they found that 48% of calling card companies charged a daily service charge of some kind.

A daily service charge is a fee that is deducted from your phone card balance regardless of whether you are using your phone card or not.

All the calling cards on our website do not use any kind of service fees or charges.

No off-peak or on-peak call rates

You may find that some calling companies will have varied rates depending on the time of day that you call, we use flat calling rates across the board.