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Save on international calls today. Connect to more than 200+ countries from any landline or mobile phone. No contracts or hidden fees.

  • PIN Sent via Email

  • Call To Mobile & Landline

  • 100% Prepay Phonecards

  • Credit Rollover

  • Great Call Quality

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Why Choose Us?

We’ve made everything simple by offering flat rates with no additional fees.

Simply purchase the best phone card for the country you wish to call to and recharge when you need more – that’s it. 

  • No daily maintenance fees or hidden fees

  • Credit rollover even if your calling card has expired

  • No reactivation fee if your card expires – just recharge it and you’re up and running again!

  • You get flat calling rates (no off-peak or on-peak)

  • Use your home line or mobile

  • No SIM card or app to install

  • We use the phone network, not internet data to connect calls

Getting Started Is Easy

Use our rate finder tool to see which calling cards offer the best rates.

See How Cheap It Is To Call Overseas

Connect With Friends & Family

Making a call to friends and family takes just three steps. 

Step 1: Call The Access Number

Step 2: Enter Your 10 Digit PIN Number

Step 3: Dial the Overseas Number


Our Phone Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about ordering our calling cards

Yes. All calling cards are now delivered via email.

In most cases, you will receive your calling card information (access codes, PIN, instructions, etc.) shortly after purchase, but in some cases, it may take longer (up to 24 hours) if you have not received your item within an hour please email or call our team, and we can get it out to you right away.

Questions about expiration

Yes, you need to top up your calling card once every 6 months to keep it active.

Simply top up your calling card and it will be instantly reactivated.

No, you never lose your balance. Once you recharge your calling card your previous balance is added to your top-up amount.

We don’t have any reactivation fees with our calling cards.

Call the local access number and then enter your PIN. Once you dial the international number, you will also hear how much time you have available.

Questions about calling card usage

Yes. All of our calling cards are made for international calling, before you buy, browse our selection of cards using the rate finder tool to ensure you’re receiving the best price and rates for that country.

Yes. You can call from any line that allows you to call our access number.

Yes. The only numbers you cannot call are toll free numbers.

As long as you have free calls throughout Singapore then you can call our local access numbers without any fees from your telco provider.

Our calling cards are virtual, which means that instead of shipping a physical phone card to your address, you can receive it via email once purchased. Then all you need to do is dial the local access number, enter your PIN (you will hear your current balance) and then dial the international number (before you connect, you will hear how many minutes you have remaining).